4th of July Festivities

4th of July in Bolinas is a colorful window into the way we celebrate our community, from the tug of war to the dancing on the beach, its a day not to miss. Every year there is a parade of homemade floats of creative design, full of heart and purpose. This year the BCLT was right in there with the masses, calling out chats like, ‘BCLT we’re about community!’, throwing flowers, and beads and dancing through the crowd with signs and passion for our cause. We even got best community float! After the parade we were set up at the gas station with Straus ice cream for sale, T-shirts, and whatever info you might want about our organization.

It was a great time, thanks to everyone who stopped by for an ice cream or a BoGAS T-Shirt, every little bit counts! If you missed it, here are a few photos for the event.


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