The Bolinas Community Land Trust is a local non-profit dedicated to creating, preserving and sustaining long term affordable housing in Bolinas.

(Excerpt from our Bylaws)

BCLT shall carry out educational and charitable activities within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including but not limited to:

  1. Providing permanently affordable access to land, decent housing and workplaces for current and future community members of low or moderate income.
  2. preserving the quality and affordability of housing for future low-and moderate-income residents of the community.
  3. Acquiring and holding land in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner, and promoting the long-term health and viability of the community.
  4. Diminishing land and resource speculation that conflicts with the community’s interest in conserving land and access to permanently affordable housing.
  5. Serving as a model in land stewardship and community development, and enabling others to form community land trusts by providing information, resources, and expertise.

Bolinas is a town with enough affordable housing to maintain a thriving, vibrant, diverse community.

The Bolinas Community Land Trust is a non profit 501(c)(3) that owns and operates three buildings with fifteen affordable dwellings.  The Bo-Gas Complex/6 Wharf Rd. is comprised of two townhouses that provide affordable housing for families, single-occupancy workforce housing, and live/work studios.  In addition, the Bo-Gas Complex/6 Wharf Rd. has three commercial storefronts and  Bo-Gas.  The Gibson House provides Section 8 and very low income housing in seven affordable dwellings.


  • Improving Downtown Bolinas with the Bolinas Station Complex which, together with the Gibson House provides affordable housing for 23 people and three commercial spaces that are locally owned and operated.
  • Offering a website and office hours by appointment to better serve our tenants and our community.
  • Receiving CDBG/HUD grants yearly to ensure outstanding stewardship of our historic buildings.
  • Advocacating for affordable housing, including involvement in the Second Unit Amnesty Program, the Bolinas Community Plan, the Marin Housing Element and the Local Coastal Plan.
  • Operating Bo-Gas, the only gas station between Mill Valley and Pt. Reyes, ensuring that West Marin has access to gas and to diesel locally while creating an income stream for the BCLT.
  • Providing advocacy for tenants and non-tenants in locating sources of rental assistance, health and human services support and legal aid.
  • Partnering with the BCPUD to remove the prohibition of second units in Bolinas and working with the LCP (Local Coastal Program) process to make permitting second units affordable.  For more information visit www.marinlcp.org.
  • Participating in county-wide affordable housing strategies.  Through roundtables and work groups organized by the County and State, the BCLT has a strategic voice in affordable housing issues.

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