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The BCLT has recently added a new patio to the Bo-Gas building in Downtown Bolinas. Largely funded through a grant from the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Program) of HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), the project utilized volunteer power as well as work by local artisans:

  • Steve Matson designed the project
  • Leo Kostelnik made pre-design site measurements, did concrete form work and two concrete pours, installed planters (along with Satchel Kostelnik and Wayne Campbell), and paid for and installed the wood bench
  • Megan Matson, Satchel Kostelnik, Valent Kostelnik and Ben Hewlett helped with concrete pours
  • Alethea Patton, Logan Goodman, and Frances McDormand planted native flowers and grasses in the planter boxes
  • Karen Green did all of the patio-related painting
  • Wayne Campbell made all of the steelwork including planter boxes, columns, bench and table bases
  • Nick Bogle made the table tops and wood trim on planters
  • Toby Nemec of Nemec Construction made all of the wood elements including screens and did overhead assembly
  • Reiner Altermann provided power point for LED rope lights

The new patio is a welcome addition to the vibrancy of Downtown Bolinas.

Lead by Board member Steve Matson, the Patio will be a welcome addition and another example of how the BCLT works hard to help create a better Downtown!


Designs by BCLT board member Steve Matson

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