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The Bo-Gas building was built in 1909 by Oliver Longley.  Longley was a second-generation Bolinas resident who grew up on his family’s homestead on the Bolinas Ridge.  After learning the blacksmith trade working for the Studebaker Company in San Francisco, Longley returned to Bolinas and opened his own blacksmith shop.

In 1909, he built the Bolinas Garage, where he offered a range of services including building and repairing wagons, farm equipment, and household tools, as well as shoeing horses and oxen.  The Bolinas Museum displays many objects from Longley’s blacksmith shop in the History Room.  In the apartment above the garage, Longley lived with his wife and son, George, who was one year old when the garage first opened.  Until his death in 1908 at the age of 100, George Longley attended services every Sunday at the Presbyterian Church right around the corner from the Bolinas Garage.  Over the years, the Bolinas Garage at 6 Wharf Road evolved from a blacksmith shop to a full service auto repair garage to its current manifestation as a gas station supporting affordable housing in the community of Bolinas.

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The Bolinas Community Land Trust was formed in 1982 with the goal of providing affordable housing for the community of Bolinas.  In 2000, the BCLT purchased the historic Gibson House at 20 Wharf Road, providing seven affordable dwellings for Section 8 and very low income residents.  In 2004, the BCLT purchased the Bolinas Garage at 6 Wharf Road adding three affordable dwellings for people who work within Bolinas, three work/live studios, three retail storefronts, and the Bo-Gas station. Revenue from Bo-Gas and rental income from the retail spaces, in addition to financial contributions from the community and grant funds, help support the BCLT’s affordable housing efforts.

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